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  • Floré Probiotics can be taken anytime, but we suggest taking 1 probiotic pill every day in the morning, at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Taking it with water is best. We recommend taking Floré probiotics on an empty stomach.
  • Please Note: Each packet of probiotics is labeled.
    If this is your first time using Floré Probiotics you
    will have one 7-Day, one 23-Day, and multiple
    30-Day packs. If prebiotics are included, you will
    have multiple teal boxes labeled Floré Custom
    Prebiotic Powder. Turn this page over for detailed
    instructions to take your probiotics & prebiotics.
  • Floré Probiotics are stable for 1 year in a refrigerated environment or 30 days at room temperature. The Custom Prebiotics do NOT need to be

How and When to Take Your Custom Probiotics and Prebiotics

The First 30 Days:

Step 1:
If this is your first month using custom Floré Probiotics you will start with the
packet labeled "Flore Prime 7-Day Supply". Take one capsule a day. 7-Day Prime
is a lower dose to help your body acclimate to your new custom probiotics.

Please note: do not take prebiotics until after one month.

Step 2:
After you've completed your Prime Formulation, start the packet labeled “23-Day
Supply”. Take one capsule a day for the next 23 days. Use your bamboo bottle to
store your full-dose custom probiotic. Please note: The color may vary between
the Prime and full-strength due to the different concentrations.

For Custom Powder Probiotic Formulations: You will also start with the packet
labeled "Prime 7-Day Supply" and followed by the packet labeled “23-Day
Supply”. Use the provided scoop (1/4 teaspoon serving). Mix one scoop a day
into a cold or room-temperature drink or soft food.

Month 2 and Beyond: Nourishing and Flourishing

Custom Probiotic:
Use the packet labeled "30 - Day Supply”. Take one capsule per day. If powder
continue with 1/4 teaspoon scoop per day.

Custom Prebiotic Powder:
On Day 31, begin taking Custom Prebiotic Powder daily. Mix one teal singleserve packet a day with a glass of water or other cold or room-temperature beverage. These can be taken alongside a meal. For specific directions on mixing, see the back of each packet.